Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What If He Likes You And Your Friend?

What would you do if you met a man that was interested in you and your friend? Would you still be interested in dating him?
Via Twitter, He's Fine 

I recently heard about this situation involving a woman I know and her complicated dating life. It all started at a party where she met this really attractive guy. See, right know I'm feening over McKinley Freeman (Derek Roman on Hit The Floor), so let's just imagine the guy looks like him. During the party he approached her and they spent the whole night getting to know each other. I wasn't there, so I'm going to imagine she spent the time studying his body while getting to know his mind. In the midst of things, they exchanged phone numbers and she was floating on could nine. Well, that is until someone pulled her back down to earth. 

Another woman noticed her conversation with this attractive man, so that decided to put in her own opinion. She told her that the guy was also interested in another of her friends. Let's imagine the other girl he's interested in is Logan Browning (Jelena Howard on Hit The Floor.) For some reason people find Logan's character more attractive than the rest of the women, even though her character is the scheming one. Even scheming woman deserve love. Wait..

This friend that he could possibly interested in isn't a schemer. She's just another lady who has great taste in men. The woman takes what was told to her in consideration. She talks to the guy and he confesses that he thinks the other one is cute too. So she passes along her friend's number to him and tells him they shouldn't talk. He responds to the request like a perfect gentleman. It makes her want him even more, but now she has to deal with the other woman. 

The friend that we'll just compare to Logan is super excited at the idea of him possibly calling. Her friend does think he's super fine like McKinley. If only I was a little taller I'd stalk that man. I wonder if he likes short ladies. Currently I'm watching Hit The Floor and in this season finale his character has sex with Taylour Page's (Asha) character in the backseat of the car. I want that so bad. Being celibate is so hard. Now back on subject. 

She tells the friend the details, but then has a conversation with the sexy guy again. He never really wanted the friend. He wants to get to know her better. She's smitten by him gentlemanly ways and agrees to get to know him more, but there's another problem. 

Should she tell the friend that he's not going to call? She should tell the friend that her feelings for this chocolate guy are growing even more? How the Hell do we women get ourselves in these situations anyway? What would you do? 

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