Friday, September 20, 2013

Pieces Poem (Inspired By Tamar Braxton's Song)

Do you ever find yourself trying to be the best lover there is to your love, but then realizing your lover doesn't want all that? Instead her, or she, is only after one quality or a few qualities about you. They don't want all of you. They only want pieces of you. Not your great cooking. Not you showing up to all their events. Not your attentive skills to everything they say. They might just want your body. Maybe they do want your food, but not much else. Definitely they don't want your heart. 

I wrote this poem Pieces for you all that have gone through that and definitely myself. It was inspired by Tamar Braxton's song. Oh, and if you don't like it don't tell me. I'm sensitive about my shit. 


I deserve more than just a little part
I don’t want nothing if I can’t have it all
You just wanted sex
Thought you could turn me on
Told me ways that you could please my body
And stupid little me
I decided to play your game
Only late night meetings
No early morning phone calls
Get lost in the moment
Get caught in the pleasure
So I don’t have to think of the pain
Emotional anguish that voids good sex
The loneliness that replaces the facts
You was in my bed
I let you see me at my most vulnerable state
I let your naked body combine with mine
I knew you weren’t mine
You saying you missing me
I don’t want to hear it
You’re all about the physical
Nice breasts
Nice legs
Nice lips
You want to kiss them
But I don’t want to think of you
Don’t want your bird chest
You should hit the gym more
Don’t want your lame lines
Every other guy used those too
You don’t want to make a woman out of me
Only trying to see how slutty I can be
No caring of the beautiful family we could be
You only want physical pieces of me
Can’t you see I’m hurting
It’s gonna be hard for me
But I’m not gonna give you any more pieces of me

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