Sunday, September 15, 2013

(Sunday Reflections) Getting It All Right Is Hard

Getting it all right is hard. Trying to achieve your dreams, hold onto friendships, keep family happy, have an active life, and keep yourself smiling is all difficult. Well, it's difficult if you're trying to do it all at the same time.

It reminds me of how I was walking the the streets of New York City at night time with high heels on continually catching myself from falling on my face. Those cracks in the ground were serious. I didn't fall. I kept telling the girls with me that I was okay. I kept letting them know I was going to touch that ground with anything more than my feet. They didn't believe me, but I survived that rocky journey. That was all that mattered.

Now how do I keep from tripping over cracked ground, but can't balance friends, family, career and a happy life at the same damn time? Why is it so hard. See more often than not if your friends are happy, it's because you're following their groove. I remember getting pissed off at one ex-friend and everyone else decided she was in the right and I was wrong. Technically she was wrong and I was right. She later decided to continue pretending like we were the best of friends. Things had changed though.

Now the best way to keep family happy is to always do as they say. What about what you want? None of that matters to you. As long as you're at the job of their choice, in the city of their choice, and constantly in their eye-sight all is good. You could be at the point of wanting to cut yourself to take away all the misery and all family cares about is that you are doing what they say. See because they are always right, right?

I think of all the battles, the road to getting in a career is the hardest. When career chasing you tend to neglect friendships. Have you ever heard "I'm busy" over and over or even continually got the voicemail when calling friends? Listen, I've gotten plenty of voicemails and I've made myself unavailable just trying to get the money to pay the bills. Making yourself unavailable to friends also means making yourself unavailable to family too. I've done that more purposely than accidentally. However, in trying to achieve this career, I've realized this can all become so lonely. There is no way to avoid the loneliness.

Wait, this gets better.

I have a dream that one day I will have a great career, will be there for friends when they need me or plans are thought up, and will make my family happy at the same time. I have a dream that I will have an active life that includes great work, great times with family and friends, lots of parties, and lots of smiling. I have a dream that the partying will happen sooner than later, because as my body gets older sometimes it tends to say "NO." I have a dream that I will get it all right at the same time.

Do you struggle with balancing in your life? If you've achieved it please let me know how.

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