Monday, September 23, 2013

Being "Pretty" Has It's Consequences

Or maybe being pretty and moving on to the next man has it's consequences. For the last few years we've enjoyed, or became depressed, listening to The Weeknd constantly sing beautifully about strippers. Well, sometimes he sings about falling out of love, getting rich, and about more strippers. However, The Weeknd's latest music video tops them all in the crazy realm.

In his song "Pretty" The Weeknd gets out of prison and kills his ex-girlfriend for moving on to another man. In the exact scene she is sexing the new man. They are really getting it on when the bullets start flying. After unloading the gun all the way, The Weeknd has a slight smile on his face.

I hope he wouldn't really kill over love and those were acting skills. He's too young to be that obsessed.  Watch the video below.

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