Thursday, September 12, 2013

About This Artist Le1f

Sometimes when you hear an interesting and unique sound, you have to stop and pay attention. That's what I'm currently doing with producer/rapper Le1f.

Kalif Diouf, better known as Le1f is a producer/rapper in New York. Leif is also known for being openly gay. In the video below, you will notice him grinding on a male doll. Maybe that is a real name, but it looks like a doll to me. His clothes are also definitely made for women. I'm not sure what the it-factor is about this artist, but I'm in love with his style. Now in the song below I'm not exactly sure what Leif is saying but that's that is why it is named Wut. Check it out.

Le1f runs a label by the name of Camp & Street, which is a subsidiary of Greedhead Music. I have to research to find out more about his label. Some artists he's associated with are Das Racist and Azaelia Banks.

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