Thursday, September 19, 2013

How Many Babies Will Make Him Stay?

How many babies does it take to keep him once you already have him? From their initial introduction, Kim Zolciak(Bierman) and Kroy Bierman seemed like a perfect matchup. You could see the love they had for each other, right? Well, I could.

Kroy was a perfect gentleman who wanted to get to know Kim. Kim was a single mother finally noticing a sexy single man. Well, he wasn't just a sexy single man. He was a sexy single man that accepted her daughters right away. The ring would eventually mean something. Well, it's been some years now and the Bierman family is prospering in many ways.

Kim, Kroy, and the children can be seen on their own Bravo television series. Kroy's career is still going strong and Kim is still getting pregnant. Currently she has two daughters, two sons, and twins on the way. I thought she had him at the wedding when he said "I Do" and put the ring on her finger. I thought he was staying when they packed up all their furniture from that huge mansion and downgraded to a still nice place. Wait, rewind. I knew Kroy wasn't going anywhere when he was willing to fight the cameras during Kim's final taping of Housewives of Atlanta before the reunion happened.

Nah, Kroy isn't going anywhere so why does Kim keep getting pregnant? Does this have something to do with her maternal clock wanting her to push out as many as possible? Does he want a big family? I can see the creation if he does. Could a woman always be alerted that he could walk out any minute if she doesn't keep producing a family for him to stay? Hmm..

Let's propose a hypothetically scenario that a woman has to pop out a certain amount of children for a man. How many do you think it takes him to stay? If you're a him, you can ponder on how many kids you want too. This is coming from a single almost 27 year old (October 30th) with no kids by the way.

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