Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Is Self Worth?

Claudette Ortiz explored her thoughts of self worth in front of a live audience on R&B Divas. She talked about having self worth, getting raped at 14 years old, and losing that self worth. She took that loss of self worth and carried it from relationship to relationship. It took her a while to discover it again. However, there are some of us walking about desperately trying to discover how much we are worth to ourselves.

What is your self worth?
At times I ask myself that question. Other people yelling at me for my faults can be so overpowering. The silence when I get off work, get home, and realize I'm alone can be so overpowering. Waking up after a night of amazing sex and realizing I'm alone again can be so overpowering. The fact that so many years have passed since I started making big goals for myself, but I still haven't accomplished those big goals can be overpowering. If I haven't achieved anything, what is my self worth?

Lately I've found myself staring in the mirror for as long as possible. I'm trying to admire the girl in front of me. I'm trying to take in all of her physical beauty and all of her flaws too. She's short and petite. Her hair has a mind of it's own. But I'm trying to capture more than that. I'm trying to dig deep into her mind. I'm trying to discover all of her secrets. I'm trying to find out how far she's willing to go.

I want to say that I am worthy of everything. I want to say that I am beautiful and talented beyond belief. However, I need some more self discovering to do before I can fully embrace everything about me. I do feel like I am worthy of one day loving everything about me. That day just hasn't come yet.

What is self worth to you? Do you feel complete in your self worth?

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