Friday, September 20, 2013

Draya Michele Poses For Roca Wear Fall 2013 Line

"This is the first time I'm the face of anything, so being that Roca Wear wanted to work with me is like an honor."-- Draya Michele 

As much as I love the celebrities that are worth millions of dollars, the under dogs grab my attention too. The ones that started from nothing but there parents money and successfully found their own way inspire. That's why I admire Draya Michele. 

Well Draya's past is a little sketchy. She was once stripping to put food on the table and in the midst of it started dating men with some real money. Oh, and her name was slandered for poor child care. Her name has been hooked to basketball players and Chris Brown. Chris Brown is possibly the reason she landed a spot on Basketball Wives, even though he's not a basketball player. 

At the start of Basketball Wives LA the other women constantly pushed Draya because they knew she was weak. Somehow it made her a stronger woman. Only a strong woman could still go on 106 and Park for a questionnaire after most of the questions on twitter are directed toward her bad parenting. Yeah, she's winning now. She's winning so big that RocaWear is paying her to model their clothes. 
Would you wear any of these outfits? I want the "Men Lie" shirt. 


  1. I always admire a woman thats holding down her own fort. I wouldn’t wear the clothes its not my style but thumbs up to DRAYA for doing her thing!

  2. Wait! They still make Roca Wear? Who knew??