Monday, September 23, 2013

Once Upon A Career Choice, What Devious Maids Taught Me..

about the clean-up business. Devious Maids has come to an end. At least the very first season is over. I was drawn in from the very beginning when the maid Flora Hernandez was murdered and an innocent man was framed for the crime. Although tragedy struck in Rich America, California everyone moved on with their lives. Well, wait..

They got over the messiness of the maid's murder, but moved on with other drama. The drama was so juicy that in the first few episodes I thought about becoming a maid. There are a few reasons why.

  • When at a dinner party you might just see a maid stumble out of the house and fall into the pool with a knife in her back. It's better than talking about trifling men at every girls hang-out. 
  • A butler, a black man, will do as much as possible to make you his woman. What??? He tried to fight off an intruder and got knocked out and was still smiling in the end all because he just wanted to protect the woman he loved. That's romance. 
  • You don't have to watch porno to see a couple get in on somewhere other than the bedroom. The maid walked in on the homeowners having sex in the kitchen. 
  • The rich employer's son may be your dream man, or should I say my dream man? Remi, real name Drew Van Acker, is sexy as Hell. Even with a drug problem and possible lack of money because of a thieving accountant, I'd tap him. Nahh, I'd fall in love after getting to know about his climb to stardom. 
  • When you end up having an affair with a married man. Sexing a taken man is always better in the beginning because of the secretiveness, or so I've heard. 
As you can see, Devious Maids makes being a maid seem appealing. It's so appealing that the star of the show, a college professor, becomes a maid to clear her son of Flora's murder. After watching this season I learned being a maid isn't all peaches and cream. It's not strawberries topped with sugar either. It's a lot of tough work. Why? 
  • You have to clean up after other people. Along with clean clothes you cook for them, possibly shave them, save the lives of the people they hit with their cars, consider marrying them so the world doesn't know they are gay, and dodge bullets because people want you dead. 
  • You have to keep secrets. How do you react when a woman wants to know if her husband is cheating on her? What if the woman he's having an affair with is you? That episode where the maid was cheating with the husband and he had a heart attack was the funniest. 
  • You have to protect the children. Sometimes employers can have weird obsessions with kids that are not their own. 
  • You have to choose between comfort and dreams. One woman almost married a 7th time for money instead of love. Love can be uncomfortable depending on outside opinion. Money can be very physically comfortable. One maid kept pushing off her lover because he's a married man. Another maid had to choose between marrying a rich gay man and sticking to her butler boyfriend that's comfortable being a butler. 
  • You realize you may not fit into the career field. I'm black. All of the maids on the show were Mexican. No Joke! One was even illegally in the country. 
I'm still mad about how ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) came out of nowhere in the last 30 seconds of the season finale and rushed Rosie away. What's next? Flora's killer is dead, because the Powell's found out he killed their help. The dude that was initially framed for Flora's murder can finally be free. Valentina seemed as if she was headed to join Remi despite his leaving her per her mother's request. So, what's next? 

There will be a season two of Devious Maids. I cannot wait to watch more of it. I'll leave the job of the maid to the people who do it best. 

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  1. I was mad about the ICE scene, too but I was wondering if everything was ending all lovely, what would be looking forward to next season?
    And yes, Remi, is fine as hell!!