Friday, September 13, 2013

Vivienne Westwood's Penis Purse Vs. Andy Bates Testicle Penis Purse

For all women that love purses, there's a new one gracing the scene and Rihanna has been seen carrying it. This is the Penis Purse. 

According to Urban Dictionary a penis purse is that part of a woman that a man sticks his penis in. No, not her mouth. However, designer Vivienne Westwood created an actual purse that is shaped like a penis. It is currently on sale for $442. 

Of course with Rihanna's raunchy lyrics and sexual freedom, Westwood gave her one to show off for free. In a recent picture, Rihanna can be seen pointing the purse at the back of her security guard and sticking her tongue out. 

Now Westwood isn't the first designer to take a man's penis and make it into a purse. Several others have attempted to make this a style. In 2010 UK based designer Andy Bates released a penis shaped purse that was decorated with testicles. 
Would you put your belongings in either purse? Honestly, both purses are ugly but if I was rich I'd get Westwood's purse just to point it at friends in public. 

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