Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seven Lessons From R&B Divas LA Reunion Part One

Upon watching R&B Divas LA Reunion I decided to pull out some lessons that can be related to all of our lives. Below are several from part one of the reunion show. 

  • Don't get married to a man in prison unless a preacher is nearby. Michel'le put that lesson out in the universe. She was with Suge Knight for 7 years, but didn't realize they were not actually married. Well, that is until the IRS and the feds told her. 
  • Ex-Husbands of famous women don't pay child support. With the exception of Kelly Price, none of the other women on R&B Divas are getting child support from their ex-husbands. Chante Moore admitted that Kenny Lattimore isn't paying. He feels as if they make the same amount of money, so she doesn't need his help. 
  • If you date Suge Knight, your love life will be non-existent after. Michel'le wonders why she has trouble meeting men. I'm pretty sure if I was with Suge, my love life after would be non-existent too. Although, thugs are sexy. 
  • Everyone knows who you're talking about in a sub-tweet. Kelly Price thought no one knew she was talking about Mariah Carey in a tweet she put out. She only said "singer" as to not name any names. However, it's a known fact she was a back-up singer for her. Even with us regular folks, people know who were refer to in sub-tweets. They're not dumb. 
  • Just because someone puts the idea in front of you doesn't make it their project. Kelly Price thought the monologues were ultimately her baby. However Chante Moore, Michel'le, Lil Mo, and Claudette Ortiz showed her when they performed their monologues in front a practically full theatre. Honestly, that's real life. For your idea, there are 50 other people trying to make that same idea happen. You don't even have to have a conversation with them. 
  • Sometimes you are the weakest link. Dawn Robinson didn't show up to the reunion show. In fact she abandoned the other women to do monologues with Kelly the control freak. Oh, and in the episodes she didn't realize until a doctor told her that having a baby at 47 is practically non-existent. Everyone ain't Halle Berry. Sometimes you are the weakest link. Someone you are a follower and not a leader. You may just be the woman that can't be called out on your mess. It's okay. 
  • Sometimes you need a mirror put in front of you to show who you really are. In Kelly Price's face it is a camera and national television exposure in a way that does not involve singing to show that she is a mean girl. Should I say mean woman instead? She claims she learned a lot about herself from watching the show. That's okay. There are a lot of mean women walking around, but they think they have halo's surrounding them. 

Now, we'll have to wait until next week for part two. Can you relate to any of these lessons? They are not exactly rich people drama. 

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