Saturday, September 7, 2013

Envisions of A Rider (Girl Version Poetry Style)

The following is inspired by Ace Hood's song Rider. I call it Envisions of A Driver

Envisions of  A Driver 

Show me your envisions of a driver
I don’t need any kind of lover
Need the right kind of lover
So would you move fast
Show me the good life
Cash out
Dinners and movies
Only nice places
And expensive vacations
Not New Orleans or Vegas
Take me to Hawaii
Let’s go to Jamaica
Or ball out
And chill in Paris
Or if you’re broke
We can figure out other ways
We’ll be creative
So we can always be together

Show me your envisions of a driver
You want to take it slow
So let’s get to know each other first
Over lunch let’s share child hood stories
And tell me what are your relationship expectations
Let share during walks in the park
And baby how you like it in bed
Missionary position or doggy style
Do you want me to take charge?
Let’s experiment
And explore each other
If so we’ll make it last

Show me your envisions of a driver
Is it rough sex?
I can handle the pain
Is it that illegal stuff?
Keep millions in our bank
And a nice roof over our heads
I can lie to the feds
I’ll be your Bonnie if you play a good Clyde
Do you want a nice quiet honest life?
You’re a boring man
Focused on a life of bills and 12 hour work days
Or you’re not sure what you want
You need time to think it all out
And you want me to wait it out
I can be down with that.
I mean that
Keep it 100
Just show me your envisions of a driver

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