Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#LHHNY & Are You Sabotaging Your Future Success?

Although she's been around for a while in the music industry, we are officially getting to know Amina Buddafly on this season of Love and Hip Hop New York. 

On the show she's a pretty face with lots of talent that just happened to get with and marry another woman's man. Through research I found out she's an immigrant that came to the United States several years ago. While working on a singing career, she and her sisters tried to sell a reality show idea. The idea was of them coming to a new country and learning their way around. It never got picked up. However, as the group Black Buddafly they did have some success. Through her youtube page, television and social media sites, it's easy to tell Amina is an entertainer at heart. She sings beautifully, knows how to play instruments, and writes her own music. However, none of that is what people are talking about.

All of Amina's talent is being overshadowed by the Peter Gunz situation. Who knows what exactly he was telling her. Who knows how naive she really is. What is clear is they were working together, started having feelings for each other, and then got married. After getting married Peter was still act as Tara's boyfriend until the secret finally came out. He was sleeping with Tara while Amina was rocking his last name already and Amina sat back for a little bit and let it happen. That's not the bad part though. The bad part is that it is being broadcast on national television. Peter started his career long ago, but at 30 Amina still has a lot to do to make a permanent mark in the game. The problem is after watching LHHNY a lot of people don't want to support her. 

They don't care how good of a writer Amina is. They don't even care that she can sing. They're really not impressed by her and Peter's park bench moments because they know how the relationship started. They've branded her as a side-chick unworthy of respect and unworthy of future success outside of the Love and Hip Hop franchise. 

Sadly the self-sabotaging of future success is real. The thing is self-sabotaging is not always easy to see in the moment. It's later when the consequences start to show. Even though Alicia Keys makes beautiful music in-studio (not live), a brand was put on her years ago when she fell in love with a then-married man. Now she's the wife and people still have their negative views. Let's not forget R. Kelly's controversy years ago. He made a sex tape with an underage girl, went through a public trial, and was blacklisted for a couple years. Now R. Kelly will be dropping and album December 10th. Many articles are popping up about his album, but the conversations in the comments section are all about him being a child molester.  

A recent article was published on "Underground Success" called "24 Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making (That Are Sabotaging Your Chances of Success)." I must say I've made a lot of the mistakes on that list. Reading it actually made it wonder about my future a little more. Could I be self sabotaging? It's easy to put out all of your business for everyone to judge with all the social media. When it comes to work, you have no privacy unless you're the CEO of the company, but then even the CEO has a past. Do you ever wonder if you're sabotaging your chances of having a successful future, or is it not even important at this particular time? 

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