Monday, December 30, 2013

Karrine Steffans, The Author and Relationship Expert

Karrine Steffans, also known as Superhead, has lived a life most people only read about. However, don't give her the title of model or video vixen. In her latest interview with 106KMEL, Karrine talks about how she's much more than music videos and pictures. "None of those things ever defined me." However, being an author and business woman definitely defines her.

"I've been writing books since I was five. So I've always been an author. You just didn't know it until 2005. It wasn't a big jump for me because I was always in that space. Everyone else had to jump."

Have you ever heard a little kid that just knows what their gift to the world is at an early age? As they grow up, they hold onto that mentality and work on their craft. Karrine is one of those people. She always knew what she was going to do with her life. How her success was going to come about may have been the mystery when she was little, but it's a reality now. She's not just an author now. She also owns her own publishing company.

In the interview Karrine also speaks about her relationship with Lil Wayne, how he inspired her last book How To Make Love To A Martian, not having African American struggles, and giving out relationship advice. The part about Lil Wayne not being the one for her is very surprising. In 2012 he did a good job of rapping about her without actually bringing up her name.

I have to buy at least The Vixen Manual. I was in Barnes & Nobles one day in the erotic book section. That and another book by Karrine Steffans stared me in the face. I picked it up, but for some reason just holding the book made me blush. Maybe now I can go back and buy it. If you look pass the negative aspects of her life story, she's a powerful woman. The following song is one of those where Lil Wayne was obviously talking about Karrine.

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