Monday, December 9, 2013

Does Size Matter? (I'm Talking About Weight)

The delicious bread stared at me. The butter that was conveniently brought out with it begged to be spread all over. As I sat at a table in the middle of Pappadeaux all alone waiting on my meal, I ate as much bread as my belly could take before the real food came out.

Some people go crazy for Red Lobster biscuits. Those aren't my preference. Others love the bread at The Cheesecake Factory. I'd love that, but they like to mix up different types of bread in the basket. Sometimes they act as if the bread isn't free and make you ask for it. It pisses me off, but I've never had that problem with Pappadeux. In fact I've eaten there so many times by myself, that it has become easy to eat all the bread they bring out. I mean every last crumb. However, after eating all this bread one thing comes to mind. Weight.

Yesterday after leaving the restaurant I was feeling extra fat. To others around, it may not have looked like it but my tummy had a bulge. Most women would cringe at this, but I appreciated it. As much as I love my size, gaining a few pounds has always been a fantasy. Some of that fantasy may have derived from talking of twerking (with the exception of Miley Cyrus those twerk girls are never skinny), men saying they like their women thick, big women taking over the spotlight, and always hearing that I didn't eat enough growing up. Plus, a lot of people know that one of my favoritest songs from college years is "Do The Thick Girl." There's a line in the song that goes "These niggas don't give a fuck. They just wanna nut." The problem with the song is when I first started loving it, there were people reminding me that I'm not thick at all.

There were men reminding me that I'm not thick at all. In fact some of the men that claim they love their women with big asses and lots of meat on their bones, will try to flirt with me now. It's confusing. After seeing all of their RT's and Facebook posts of these women that are big in all places they claim to love, they'll try to speak to me. Clearly I'm small in person and on my pictures, which makes me wonder one question. Does size really matter? At least does size matter to the men? 

I do love my size by the way. If I was a little bit taller, Victoria's Secret would want me modeling for them. 

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