Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Breakfast Can Wait (My Version)

From Prince's Video for "Breakfast Can Wait" 
Breakfast can wait. No eggs, sausage, or pancakes. I need to know that I have your attention in a different way. Do see what I have on? This extra long shirt, for you I'm wearing it as a dress. It was your advice. You said it would look nice, so I copied your style. You said you need your woman to look good, speak proper, and have no baby daddies on her trail. You said you don't like women from the hood, so I'm pretending I was raised in an upper class neighborhood. So do you like what you see? Do you like me?

Lunch will be pushed back a little longer. Hold the sandwich, the chicken wings can wait, and no sipping of wine in the mean time. I need to figure out your mind. Have you seen my face? This bright red lipstick is meant to hold your attention. I'm trying to make sure you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. I've been docile, following your every command. I've listened. You've said you want a woman that respects you, a woman that listens, hears your hopes and dreams. I heard you when you said you wanted to be a rapper, even listened to you freestyle those lyrics, and then you changed it up, decided you'd be better off as an actor. That's where the real money is. Even if you don't have the talent, I've made the decision to support you til the end.

Dinner may never come. There are more important topics than food, like will you support me too? Even if I quit my job to paint beautiful pictures in the form of words. They say there's no money in the writing game. Or what if I run off and join the circus. I need you to follow me hand in hand. Don't act surprised when it happens. I'm crazy man, but that's what you like. You say you're not looking for the good girl to make your wife. She's boring. She's annoying. I can give you excitement, make your life just right.

Finally my eyes are open. I think about you all night long. I just need to know how much you think about me too?


  1. Beautiful piece, i was so into it beginning to end. Its relate-able too, you put your dreams on hold and hope the person who you support with all your heart will support you too when you decide to pick them up again (my interpretation)

  2. I must admit, I haven't been a fan of Prince until my taste in music has grown within the past few years. To get a better understanding of this piece, I watched the video right after I read it. Not only is the song and video simple and very tasteful, but your piece was as well. I loved it! Very outstanding, and gave me inspiration to write a bit today!