Monday, October 28, 2013

When Stressed Out And Networking..

When life keeps testing how much craziness you can bare and you're trying to put yourself out there as a superstar, the most amazing thing happens. You confess to the world who you are.

That's right. You tell it all. You open all the way up. You reveal your sleeping problems, the dreams that keep waking up up at all times, your career struggles, how your family is trying to drive you to suicide, your childhood dramas with emotional bullying, and how you feel alone 99% of the time. WAIT! It's not just how you feel alone. You reveal how you tend make memorable moments with no one there to share in the experiences 90% of the time. You are alone. You're meeting strangers and you are telling it all in an attempt to better who you are, where you're at, and what your future will look like.

When you're stressed out and networking, you tend to be the most transparent person in the world. At least that is what I'm imagining myself to be. Sometimes I don't feel so transparent. Sometimes when going places, I just wanted to stand against a wall and listen to everyone else because I'm so tired from lack of actual rest. Someone can see it. How do I know? Two years ago I went to this National Black Book Festival. Upon meeting this one author I just wanted to buy his book and move along. The title seemed interesting. Something I said grabbed his attention though and he wanted to get to know more about me. Actually several authors did and they gave me the names of several different publishing companies. That was my first time hearing about Authorhouse, which is one of the best for self publishing I've seen. I'm going to use it one day.

Actually, you don't just have to be stressed while networking. You can also be stressed and successful. Over the summer Necole Bitchie stepped onto this stage with a group of other bloggers. I was there in the audience. Upon talking, she confessed about being stressed, struggles lawsuits, finding out about unpaid taxes from the IRS, doing it all on her own with some help from a few others, and not wanting to add too many people to her team. She loves what she does. As stressful as being a blogger is, Necole loves what she does. At least that's what I received from her clearly stress-filled conversation.

Hey, what do you think? Do you confess more when you're trying to meet new people? Do you put a filter on what you say? Then again, we live in a world where people have meet-ups off of twitter. There is no such thing as a filter anymore.

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