Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dreams Deferred, Six Reasons To Become The Paparazzi

A camera holds a lot of power. It can capture your saddest moment, even if done by accident. It can capture the most genuine moment in your life if you let someone snap the picture. It can be the window to all the special times you might just forget years down the line. I think that is why I love the power of holding a camera in my hand and snapping pictures of others. 

I have a confession to make. The idea of becoming a photographer has been sitting on my mind for a while. However, I've never known when, where, or how to start. That is up until recently a news story about paparazzi hanging out in front of Kanye West home spread throughout the internet and radio stations. They've inspired me to start my photography dreams in that career field. Just in case you think this is a crazy idea, I came up with six reasons why being a paparazzi is a good career move. 

  • There Is A Reason To Be Up At 4 A.M. 
Most of the time I find myself up at 4 in the morning. 99% of the time there is no valid reason for my being awake. I just sit there thinking or lay in my bed waiting for sleep to come. However, if I was part of the paparazzi crew there would be a task. Did you hear about how they were chillin' at Kanye West house asking him how everything was going? 

  • My Reporter Dreams Would Come True
Who recorded the conversation Kanye was having at 4 in the morning with the paparazzi? That is good reporting. You usually expect them to just be carrying cameras and taking pictures? Nahh, there is way more to the industry than that. I'm pretty sure they they know how to snap nice pictures, record great conversations, turn on a video and record celebrities acting a fool. Hey, they probably even have great editing skills and are really nice when you look at them for their talents. The only thing they are missing is writing skills. I'd fit in great with them. 

  • They Make Lots Of Money
Granted the goal is to capture photos of celebrities. If it can be done correctly, the photographer sells to the highest bidder. For instance, a NYTimes photographer Robert Caplin sued Perez Hilton for $2.1 million earlier this year over copyright infringement. In the lawsuit Caplin says Hilton took 14 photos of his without asking and slapped his own logo on the photos. However, the details aren't the point. That is a lot of money for some photos. If I could just capture one photo of Beyonce, Michelle Obama, or everyone's favorite reality stars and make some money off of them I'd sleep good at night. 

  • You Run Into Really Cool People
Do you see Beyonce smiles for the camera? Have you noticed how the older singer Brandy gets, the more she glows in the spotlight? Oh, and my camera would love to capture Lil Mama's hair that is making everyone green with envy. Okay, maybe I just want to get close enough to toss some questions at them and start really making my dreams a reality. Their Business, My Job, Your Entertainment. Don't steal my motto. 

  • Selfies Don't Matter
As much as I love a good picture of myself, I love a picture of you better. If you're reading this then yes, I'm talking about you. If you go back a couple years back in my Facebook history there are tons of pictures I took of friends and family. If I could capture it, I did. The problem came when no one wanted to be in front of the camera anymore. Everyone I encountered was too self conscious and they started to kill my vibe. Now when you look through my Facebook, twitter, and Instagram there are tons of self portraits from the neck up. I hate those too, because you can't take a full body photo of yourself unless you're oddly flexible. So I'm not that obsessed with celebrities. If you're a cool person my camera wants you to be captured in it. 

  • It's Fun
The paparazzi wasn't mad because Kanye was yelling at them at 4 in the morning. They were probably laughing when he walked into that pole trying to get away from them. Remember all the Britney Spears pictures? I think it was Chris Rock that told the jokes about them angrily instructing her to not wear underwear and open her legs when getting out of the car. Ooh, there were photos of Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Warner at the beach. While being interviewed Ms. King said they never saw anyone while they were there, so the pictures were creepy. If I was that photographer I'd be jumping for joy, because it takes talent to turn yourself into a ghost to get the job done. 

It's my birthday month, so I want to reveal some of my deepest thoughts to you. What do you think about this idea? Have you seen my photography collection? Do you think there is real talent there? 

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