Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Kind of Man Lashuntrice Likes (Inspired By Another Blogger)

The hardworking blogger, Lajanee, over at I Can Repeat It took some time out recently to tell us what kind of man she is attracted to. Morris Chestnut's fine body was used as an example. She likes her men, tall, chocolate, and skinny. Her bravery to open up to everyone has inspired me to reveal the kind of man that turns me on.

I have a confession to make. I like a tall man too. Really, they are all taller than me, but the short ones don't really entice me. A short one has to have a real special personality to keep my attention. It's that man standing at 6 feet and taller that grabs my attention, but he can't just have height.

I love a man that is in shape too. You know those men that stay in shape. You can tell the guy goes to the gym often and even quite possibly monitors his eating habits. I'm not talking about the real skinny men. The ones that look like sticks are not attractive at all. It's the ones that have the sex packs and eight packs that I just want to lay my hands and head on. 90% of the time they can only be found in movies, on television, and some sports team.

I did meet a man that fit the physical description perfectly. He was a guy I first saw in elementary and bravely met up with after moving back to Houston a couple years ago. He was tall, dark, handsome, and in shape. Although he didn't have a college degree, he was still in college at the time. Then a couple months later he dropped out. It was all good though. His body was nice enough for me to entertain. I just wanted someone to be close to, but he was a slacker at that. Instead of actually meeting up, he liked to request pictures of me.

See, I like a kinky man so the idea of pictures was enticing. You already know I sent some. He did send me a few one time by surprise. I just wish we would have been able to see more of each other. He drove to me twice, but then claimed his car stopped working. He wanted me to come to him instead, but I never did. However, I jumping ahead.

I like my man a little rough. You know Tupac with a college degree. He's educated, but still knows how to fight for his woman when the need is there. I felt like with a little motivation this one had it in him. Could he fight? With a background in football, I made the assumption that he could. He was a weed smoker too, so I knew he wasn't one of the good dudes. Although I knew he wasn't the best, I couldn't figure out how bad he was.

I like my man a little mysterious. This one was mysterious. I remember asking him about a job once and he said he was hustling. I figured hustling either meant he was unemployed or selling drugs. Selling drugs seemed like a better option in my mind, but really he was probably just jobless. I knew he lived with his parents still.

Oh, and I like my man unavailable. That's a quality most of the men I've been interested have. They've all been nice guys that weren't looking for relationships. Most men are always looking for sex, so the end result has come to this. I'm still single. Most of the men I've given chances haven't been tall, handsome, and in shape. Maybe I need to stick more to that.

I forgot one thing. I like my man smart as Hell. There are some stupid men out here, but the smart ones often stand out. The man for me may not fit this crazy description all the way, but he'll be mines and that is what counts.

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