Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Social Nightmare Is A Dream Come True (Movie Spoiler)

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The Social Nightmare doesn't just effect kids and young adults. It's dangerous for parents who can't seem to let go also.

I've fallen in love with Lifetime original movies all over again. Remember the days where Lifetime network started off with these typical plots and then took you for a much needed roller coaster ride? For instance the movie Obsessed was based on a high powered man trying to prove he didn't have an affair with this crazy woman. They were in a courtroom the whole time. She painted a very vivid picture of their affair, but in the end everyone was surprised to see her escorted off to a mental institution. Yeah, that wasn't the Beyonce movie you're used to hearing about.

There was also this road rage movie. It all started with a woman who cut another woman off on the road. The one who was cut off stalked the woman. At some point in the movie a terrible accident ended up happening. I can't remember it all. It's been a while, but I missed those types of movies up until this week.

A new movie called Social Nightmare came on earlier this week. I think it's about a month old. Social Nightmare is about a 17 year old at the top of her class. She's succeeding in all areas and has been accepted into Brown College. I googled Brown and found out it's actually a part of Rice University. As her senior year is coming to an end weird things start to happen online. Someone has hacked into her computer and is posting all of her personal information. They start with yearbook pictures since she is a part of the committee and has the camera. Then they start messing with her best friends families and really hitting hard. For instance her boyfriend's little sister sees messages bout her being adopted. Her best friend finds photographs of herself on a website for perverts. Her world really comes tumbling down when she finds out her best friend has been accepted into Yale, but all the drama has caused Brown to drop her. Wait, it gets better.

This is the part where I'm about the spoil the ending of the movie. Everyone thinks she is crazy. She has been placed on anti-depressent drugs and she has been kicked out of school. Once the drugs start to wear off she wants to check her messages on her missing phone. In the midst of it she finds her phone in the house hidden away by her mother. She goes into her mother's room and finds all kinds of crazy stuff. Guess who the hacker has been all along. That's right. The mom is insane. The mom did everything short of send sexy pictures of her to everyone. Her boyfriend actually sends the pictures in an attempt for revenge. In the end she goes off to Brown with her best friend while her mom is living in a psychiatric ward. Life becomes great again.

I left out a lot of details, but this is great. I actually figured out the mom did it abut an hour into the movie, but it's still the type of movie I'd watch over and over again on Lifetime. No other network can do these. Movies like Social Nightmare is what life is all about. Thank you Lifetime for getting back to your roots.

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  1. Darryl Hannah had a horrible facelift, that mouth! UGH!