Monday, October 21, 2013

Crazy Sexy Cool Movie (Vh1 Movie Premiere)

Lately the iconic singing group TLC has been on everyone's mind for many reasons. The number one reason is the movie, Crazy Sexy Cool, which airs tonight on Vh1. Along with the movie has been a lot of controversial talk. It started with the casting.

The show will feature Keke Palmer as Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas, Drew Sidora as Tionne "T-Boz Watkins, and Lil Mama as Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez." When initially announced people questioned the casting. Everyone wondered if these young ladies were capable of pulling off the roles. However, they are proving themselves tonight. Along with the casting, there has been other drama starting with TLC's former manager, Pebbles. 

According to several websites Pebbles is disappointed with her role in the movie. According to T-Boz and Chilli, Pebbles was the reason they became famous and also the reason the ended up bankrupt. We'll see the exact story unfold in Crazy Sexy Cool.

Other drama involves a woman no one ever knew about. Her name is Crystal Selene and she claims she was the originator of the group. Her story is she advertised to put the group together and found T-Boz and Left Eye. After being signed and put under Pebbles, she was replaced by Chilli. So technically this Crystal Selene woman was around and dismissed before anyone knew of the group. Even though she isn't really that relevant to the story, she is writing her own tell-all book. Will you buy it? 

All drama aside, TLC was an iconic group that gave me confidence through my awkward times of growing up. Their songs helped me to be more comfortable with my sexuality during times when I was told I was too young to feel anything. They helped me feel the need to be respected with songs like "No Scrubs." They taught me womanhood before I knew what being a woman was all about. With all that said, I can't wait to watch Crazy Sexy Cool. Will you be tuning into Vh1 tonight also? 

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