Sunday, October 27, 2013

Different Sides of The Story (Sunday Reflections) #27confessions

While TLC's "Crazy Sexy Cool" biopic is still fresh in our minds, people keep stepping up to voice their opinions. The latest complaint came from Raina "ReignDrop" Lopes. While she admitted that Lil Mama did a great job playing Left Eye, she is not happy about Left Eye's portrayal in the movie. She says the family wasn't even invited to add their input into what kind of person she was. That's odd since  Chilli and T-Boz were able to add their own input. Watch the video below.

So it's been a week and we have several sides of the story. There's TLC (T-Boz and Chilli), Pebble's (Perri Reid) side which is soon to come, Crystal Selene Jones side which will be published in a book, and now ReignDrop's (Left Eye's little sister) side of the story. None of them have seen it the same way. This is life. 

Life is all about each and everyone person's perception of how things are going. None of us ever see it in the same way. Some of us every now in then have to have similar views, which makes living much more refreshing. However, we all have stories to tell and sometimes our stories don't align with each other's. 

I just hope that the day I tell my story there won't be a huge storm of people displeased with my words. It'll be my story and all of it won't be pretty. There will be gorgeous moments, but overall it'll be a story filled with my life experiences. It'll have ups, downs, and moments where of pure loneliness. It'll have the long road to getting somewhere, anywhere that I can peacefully live with who I am. I just hope that when I tell it, people will calmly listen. Then you'll also be able to tell your story in your own way. Just don't argue with mines. 

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