Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amina Buddafly Can Sing + Reality Show Reviews

Amina can really sing.

Did you watch the new season of Love and Hip Hop NY? If you did then you saw some new faces. Those are legendary rapper Peter Gunz and singer Amina Buddafly. You can read about their twisted love story that involves the oblivious baby mama at I Can Repeat It. I wrote that. I also wrote another piece on Chrissy and Mr. Jones. Although their show is boring, they did have a new cute guest for this season. Read about that over at I Can Repeat It too.

Back to Amina. This woman can really sing. Here's a little background on her. She is of Senegalese and German descent. Her family is originally from Germany. They moved to the United States and she and her sisters formed a music group called Black Buddafly. In 2006 the family tried to shop around a reality television show about their journey to a new country, but no one picked it up. At that time it was hard to get on television. Check out the Kardashian story if you don't understand why. Although Black Buddafly is rather underground they did manage to make a hit song "Bad Girl," featuring Fabulous. Oh, and they can really sing. Check Amina, her sisters, and a friend of theirs covering 90's R&B group For Real's song "You Don't Know Nothing." Amina is the one with the heart tattoo.

I hope she does like K. Michelle and uses reality television to her advantage. 

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