Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fantasia And Family Address Personal Issues on Behind The Music

There have been lots of talk about Fantasia since her suicide attempt recently. There were rumors as to why she tried to kill herself and there were rumors as to whether her suicide attempt was a publicity stunt. However, Tuesday night on VH1's Behind The Music Fantasia set that and many other situations in her life straight. 

First she addressed the suicide attempt by stating that she knew what she was doing when she took the whole bottle of pills. She said that it is impossible to take a whole bottle of pills and expect to live. Her manager also described finding her in the closet and calling 911. It was a horrible time for Fantasia, but she looked as though she was happy to still be alive. 

Other issues in Fantasia's life were addressed. One instance was her relationship with her father. The first occurrence that was brought up was his reaction to her being raped. She said that his reaction was as if she deserved to be raped. He was also interviewed and he stuck to thinking that Fantasia was asking for it by wearing tight clothing. That pissed me off because no man should have that attitude towards his daughter. Instead  , a father should be protecting his daughter and trying to make the person who commits the crime pay. 

Fantasia's father wasn't the only one put on the spot in the documentary. Her ex boyfriend/baby daddy was also put on the spot when she brought up the fact that he punched her during one of their fights. When he was being interviewed it was clear that he was embarrassed. He talked about it and then quickly stated how wrong his actions were. 

Overall I was moved by Fantasia's documentary. In fact I'm about to play "Bittersweet" right now. 

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