Monday, June 27, 2011

BET Awards Part 2-- The Inspiration

Sometimes I'm not sure if this blog is about me, others, telling other people's stories, telling my own crazy stories, or just finding stories to tell. I guess it's about them all. Well, anyway if you read my first post about to 2011 BET Awards, then you should have known more was coming. However, I'm not going to talk anymore about the great performances or funny skits. Instead this second edition is about how I was inspired.

The inspiration didn't come from the familiar star status faces that graced the red carpet and it wasn't from the many fabulous stars that graced the stage. Instead it came from a person I've known for a long time. That person is Andrea Brown, owner of The Uptown Lounge.

Andrea Brown is a person I originally met in church when we were very young. While we never really hung out together, I always remembered her name and face. Well, I remember everyone if I see them around enough. What I didn't know until college was she was just as interested in journalism as me (at least I think that's why she went to school for journalism). We both graduated college in 2010 and while I've been struggling to get on my feet, I've also noticed her and others who are trying to go down the same path (or a similar path) as me.

Recently Andrea Brown inspired me by tweeting live from the 2011 BET Awards. She let all her twitter followers know that she was at the awards show as a reporter and even tweeted a picture of her table, which had her website's name on it. From then she sent out many more tweets about seeing stars she'd met in the past, meeting stars, and hanging in the social media lounge the whole night. At the end of the night she sent out a very special tweet, which had me even more excited. The tweet went like this:

"I got to taste my dream this weekend!!!! God is good & I am SUPER blessed!!"-- Andrea Brown

If Andrea can do it using her website and the skills she's been taught, I know I can accomplish this. This is actually more than inspiration. This is a new goal. I'm planning to be at the BET awards next year. Everyone pray that I can make it. Thanks Andrea for once again proving that young people can make dreams come true.

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