Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Areas That Good Men Fall Short In

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Sometimes I talk to people, or let people talk to me. These conversations sometimes get very fun and crazy, but other times they can just be weird. They get weird because these people make me wonder why they are telling their business or feelings to me.

For example, after writing a poem about cheating this woman told me she was sleeping with a married man. It was odd because I didn't know how to respond.

Most recently after writing my post about the best hoes to be on the entertainment scene this guy went on a tangent about how horrible women can be. His way of doing this was messaging me on Facebook in the chat box. But wait, my post was about these women's acting skills so I was very confused. Despite the weirdness of it all, I let him write his heart out to me.

I don't know if it's a gift or a curse, but usually when I get into these conversations I end up rationalizing it all in my head. That's exactly what I did with this guy's words. However, I didn't focus on what he was saying about women. I focused on the fact that he felt like women settle for less than they deserve, always pass up good men like him, and women don't seem to  like him. Yeah, he really said that last part. What I realized is he and some other men really are good men.

However, while their arguments about women are valid, they fall short in several areas too. Continue reading to find out what areas I think good men fall short in.

Some Areas Good Men Fall Short In 

  •  Spending Money

I honestly want to hurt the person who created the term gold digger, because it has crippled some good men around my age. Music videos say women like a lot of money spent on them. Television shows like Single Ladies and every reality show that exists says women love to get money spent on them. However, statistics say there are more women in college than men. Statistics also say there are more single women than men in relationships. The huge and scary truth that men don't like to believe is women are spending money on themselves. Women aren't waiting for men to buy them nice things. Why wait when you can do it yourself? 

Yet, these angry (but good) men love to call women gold diggers. Instead of doing something nice for a woman, these men (like the one on Facebook) use this lame name calling to justify not spending money on women. Men if this sounds like you man up and spend a couple dollars on a woman. 

  • Being Successful
If a woman wants a successful man she must be a gold digger, right? If a man isn't successful enough he pulls himself from the equation before the woman can even decide. For example the guy yesterday said he felt he was successful enough for any woman. Actually he said every man is successful in his own way. But what does that mean? A man can work at McDonalds and feel successful. But a woman with a college degree wants a man on her level or at least can give a good argument to make himself sound intelligent (No Waka Flocka Flame). 

Wait, I may not be making sense. Recently I met a man at the club. Later through texting I found out he worked at the movie theaters. Through Facebook I found out he's 28. He gave me absolutely nothing about a future career, just that he's a manager at the theaters. Not a district one either. In his mind he's successful, but I'm suspicious and my guard is up. What is this nigga trying to do with his life? 

Point is, if you're reading this and your definition of success at 20-something has no way of getting better, man up and get some new goals. It's sexy and you'll find yourself a girlfriend in no time. 

  • Pushing Women Away
Yes, good men push women away all the time. That was actually brought up last night, except he said women tend to push him away. But how? See good single men love to say women push them away, but usually it's the men doing the pushing. Some good men just want one night stands, some let women go based on physical appearances, and some are set on getting a model. If a woman can't walk like Naomi, then some good men just don't want that woman. Even though men go from the prettiest (yes I called men pretty) to the ugliest, I believe that men have way more options when it comes to dating than women do. 

So if you're a man and you've done any of the above, man up and stop pushing women away from you. 

  • Having Low Self Esteem
Some good men are heavily under the impression that women love bad boys. For some reason they think we only fantasize about being with Trey Songz, R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, etc. I've come to the conclusion that men who say this stuff have very low self esteem. No woman in her right mind is trying to marry one of them, because most women are looking for a man on their level. (Refers back to Spending Money). More women have college degrees than men and we want someone on our level. Lil Wayne makes good music, but his background check is nowhere near good enough. 

Another low self esteem thing is when men continually put themselves in the same dating situation. If you knew you didn't like the woman with that attitude, why'd you find another one just like her? Men with low self esteem don't realize their worth and avoid dealing with it by dealing with ain't-shit women. Then they persist to complain about all women, which then makes women of quality not even take a second glance their way. 

If you fit this description, man up and shut up. Even if you're stuck on the ain't-shit women, no one has to know. Act like you have some confidence and you might just find yourself with a real woman. 

Those are just my opinions. What areas do you think good men fall in? Men, I know you're probably furious at this. Go ahead and let me know your opinions of ain't-shit women. You want to do it. 


  1. This is Jessica cos I don't feel like logging in through an account. This was very interesting and men SHOULD man up. Many good mean are sitting around whining about nice guys finishing last. I notice that these guys almost always have a best friend thats a girl, and not even 1 that put them in the friend zone. Stop chasin waterfalls and look at her, cos the only reason u prob aint with her is criticism from ur boys cos she's not that cute or ur type.

  2. Lol I could so open the floodgates on this one but Im just gonna say that everyone is entitled to their opinion and some people like to complain for the sake of complaining not that they actually believe what they are saying.