Monday, June 20, 2011

The Best Hoes To Hit The Entertainment Scene

Just One Way Of How Good An Actress Can Be At Being A Hoe

As I was watching Single Ladies on Monday (6/20/2011), the word "hoe" kept crossing my mind. There were several reasons for this. One is Lisa Raye's character seems to have the advice that Karen Steffans forgot to add to her books. Another is Stacey Dash's character pimps men and has sex with someone new on every episode. In the last episode she was juggling three men. The biggest reason is the confused white girl April (have to look up her real name) cheated with the mayor but wanted to stay married to a man that told her what to wear, when to work, how to act, and got mad at her for having a personality. Actually the white girl isn't as bad as the other two. While each of them are wild in their own way, Lisa Raye's character stands out the most.

Lisa Raye's character has good looks, knows when to be sexy and when to be classy, knows the game of playing niggas better than the bible, and is absolutely (no surprise) the most single woman on earth. The funniest part of all this is in an interview with Black Enterprise Magazine the producer of Single Ladies told the magazine that she wrote that role specifically for Lisa Raye. Now why would she do that?

Since the beginning of time Lisa Raye has been a proud video girl, an actress attached to making the big bucks, and woman who would only marry the best  (richest) men (she married a prince). Then again Lisa Raye is best known for her role as a stripper in the movie The Players Club. Actually she was probably the best actress in that movie and she played a damn good hoe, which actually explains why the producer of Single Ladies would put Lisa Raye in the role.

Lisa Raye is one of the best hoes on the entertainment scene and she doesn't have to open her legs in a role to keep the reputation. However, she's not the only star out the famous for easily giving off the sex vibe. There are plenty more.

Keep reading to find out some of my favorite hoes in the entertainment industry (no porn stars mentioned):

Lynn From Girlfriends

Persia White, also known as Lynn on Girlfriends, was the most carefree hoe. While on the show her character had no job, slept with over 100 men, hooked up with a man everywhere she went, lied to a man and told him she was a virgin just to get into a relationship, and still managed to preach safe sex on a couple episodes. She was no ordinary hoe, as the song goes. She was great at what she did and she taught us some new stuff. How many people knew what the tramp stamp was before Persia White's role on Girlfriends? Inspirational? maybe. One of the best hoes on television? I think so. 

Meagan Good

Meagan Good In Eve's Bayou
Meagan Good has been playing a hoe ever since she was a child. I guess that's what makes her so good. However, there's one role that makes her the absolute best out there. It's not being a cheater on The Game, playing the attractive college student on Stomp The Yard, or whatever other 21st century thing she was in. Its' that role on Eve's Bayou. Good's character was jealous of her mom, got her hair did by a professional, put make-up on, and tried to seduce her dad. Can you say powerful, sexy, and disturbing? She killed that role, so for that alone she's one of the best hoes to enter the entertainment industry. 

These are just three that easily crosses my mind. They are possibly stars because they play some damn good hoes, or they play some damn good hoes because they're stars. 

What do you think? Who has been the biggest hoes in the entertainment industry to you? Acting skills only please!

(P.S. I put up black women, but we all know Angelina Jolie is the biggest one of them all on screen and off screen.)

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