Friday, January 3, 2014

The #And1SelfieLeague (Photos)

The photo competition for the #and1selfieleague is going strong. I'm not sure if 2014 is starting off slow or if people are just finding the most creative ways to avoid boredom. However, it's clear that folks are making this year memorable with the wildest ideas. One of which is a competition of who can take the wildest photos. It's hashtagged on twitter as the #and1selfieleague. 

In these many photos, all kinds of poses are taking places. There is wall climbing, door climbing, people going into stoves, and stoves being dragged into the bathroom just to take a picture. Even more, a lot of these bathrooms look like they are in their grandparents house. It makes you laugh and question who is raising them at the same damn time. Check out some of my favorites and see just what I'm talking about. 
The CNN report is fake by the way. It was part of their game. 

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