Friday, January 3, 2014

Gold Diggers Are Winning, Starring Aja Metoyer, Tameka Fuller, and Sandrina Schultz

Gold diggers are going strong even though 2014 just started. In just the past few days Aja Metoyer, Tameka Fuller, and Sandrina Schultz have all found their way into the spotlight for having sexual relations with rich men while those men are involved in relationships with other women. 

Right before the new year came about Dwayne Wade, announced he was a new father again, even though he just got engaged to Gabrielle Union. Since Gabby is not the mother eyebrows were raised around the world. The initial rumors pointed to Sandrina as the baby mama. She's been known for also being involved with Lamar Odom while he was married to Khloe Kardashian. The great thing about Sandrina is she was only supposed to receive 15 minutes of fame, but has gotten way more than that. However, the rumors of her being the baby mama are false. The real baby mama is Aja Metoyer. 

Unlike Sandrina, Aja appears to be a regular looking woman. However, she must be all about the money too. Her other two kids, girls, are by Damon Wayans, Jr. There are also some pictures speculating that her and Gabby were good friends. That either means she used Gabby to get to her man or it was all out in the open. 

On the other hand there's a woman by the name of Tameka Fuller floating around the internet. She's rumored to be the new baby mama of Ludacris. Apparently he and Eudoxie may have taken a break. During that break he may have ended up getting Tameka pregnant. A paternity test will happen soon. I'm not sure whether or not she fits in the gold digger category. She is just an old high school classmate. 

There are lessons in all of this. The first is to stop taking breaks from the relationship if you're just going to get back together. The second is men need to wear condoms if they can't resist the temptation of cheating. 

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