Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Abandoned- Levina Lye Reminisces On The One That Got Away In Her New Song

But things have changed love lasts forever. Thought you'd be here through all kinds of weather I cant believe that you would abandon me, that you left me.Abandoned

In preparation for her upcoming album 'Pieces of Me,' Levina Lye is digging deep inside her own past. The songs she's coming up with are ones that will make you reminisce. Some will take you to a calm, relaxing place while others like her newest single will make you remember the one that broke your heart the worse. Months ago Levina allowed us to Fade Away with her, but now she's reminding us of what it feels like to be Abandoned.

Levina Lye wrote the powerful words in Abandoned by herself. She's also joined by Rapper Cal, who in the song has written a letter to the woman that got away. Check it out for yourself.

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