Friday, January 10, 2014

Mary Jane, I Mean Gabrielle Union, Dishes Relationship Advice

Don't laugh. I'm just dedicating this second week of 2014 to Gabrielle Union.

Last week was horrible for her. Dwayne Wade announced he was a father to someone else's kid just weeks after Gabby received an engagement ring. This week Gabby's new show "Being Mary Jane" premiered. We were able to see her as a high powered business woman who has no control over any part of her life. She doesn't control her work environment, her family life, or her love life which involves two confused men. Even more D. Wade and Gabby's relationship issues were thrown on the back burner as Mary Jane ended the show with a sizzling sex scene in the gym shower with a married man.

However while Mary Jane gets fucked, Gabby doesn't lay down for too long. Instead she's done an interview with Glamour magazine and given us all some much needed relationship advice. It involves giving up looking for a "type of man," keep the affection going, put him over work, and much more.

I was with Gabrielle until she said her job was part of the problem. She went from filming Think Like A Man Too to filming episodes for Being Mary Jane. This is also the brief break-up they had. D. Wade couldn't handle her work schedule and she just let him do whatever he wanted in the mean time to keep from arguing (maybe). However, when Gabby realized her work life was affecting her relationship, she decided the relationship was more important. And that my dears, is how you eventually get the wedding ring. 

The problem is all ain't able. Maybe if I luck up and meet a millionaire billionaire I'd put aside the work life for him too. A prenup just has to be missing from the equation. Either way, after knowing all of Gabby and D. Wade's business would you take relationship advice from her? 

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