Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From Arguing To Moving In Together #LHHNY

"There's not a vagina in the world that I'm going to want more when waking up and looking at my son every day."

Erica Jean and Saigon live together now, maybe. We don't know what has happened since the taping of the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop NY, but at the moment they wanted to live together. They were working on their child's verbal skills, getting counseling, and Saigon was becoming the advice giver among his friends. There was a clip where he gave New York's biggest pimp, Peter Gunz, advice. However, I'm confused.

A few months ago I hated Saigon and Erica's storyline. In fact I hated it so much I wrote a blog post about how much I hated their storyline line. You can read it at Why I Hate Saigon and Erica Jean's Storyline. The way they came to be was he cheated on his ex-girlfriend with her. Then simultaneously the ex-girlfriend and Erica became pregnant at the same time. Because of Saigon's anger issues, he didn't see his son until months aft the child's birth. However, after seeing his child he and Erica decided to try to have a romantic relationship for the child's sake. That's where the Love an Hip Hop cameras started off.

They went from acting like a new couple in love to fighting. The fighting was so bad that it made us think Saigon might hit her if the cameras weren't there. Then they decided to get counseling to see what was wrong with their child. In the midst of it, Erica started shedding tears and going through her issues. It was only right Saigon shared his story. Although they messiness of the relationship has been real, we haven't seen these two for a couple episodes. K. Michelle has gotten more camera time than them in the last month.

However, they are back on camera and ready to move in with each other. That must be some very powerful counseling because right before a commercial came on Saigon said the following about them moving in together.

"There's not a vagina in the world that I'm going to want more when waking up and looking at my son every day."

In the meantime Peter Gunz is still trying to be a pimp. He and Amina went from the kind-of-cute musical couple to an obvious huge mistake. Well, we knew she made a mistake marrying him before the season even aired. On the other hand he had a scene where he emotionally played Tara. After seeing her walk into a club with another man, he had to go running to her to pour his heart out. His plan worked as Tara shed a few tears.

There are way too many examples of dysfunctional relationships among black people on television right now. There needs to be a balance asap.

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