Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Should Basketball Wives Producers Sue Jennifer Williams?

After Jennifer Willliams decided to sue an ex-friend for slapping her and launch a non-bullying campaign, Basketball Wives producers have decided to attack back with a lawsuit of their own. According to these producers her negative talks about the show is ruining their reputation, but wait...

A couple years ago a fresh new show was introduced to us. This show featured Basketball Wives. By the name we thought we were going to see how the wives of basketball players lived. There was at least one we already knew was an ex-wife. That person was Shaunie O'Neal. 

Before this show she had a very public divorce from Shaquille O'Neal and went as far as accusing him of cheating. We expected a little drama on this show because one of the fresh faced cast members was the sister of this alleged woman that had an affair with Shaq. Her name was Gloria Govan and she was also the baby mama/girlfriend of basketball player Matt Barnes. 

Along with Gloria there was Royce Reed, a dancer who all basketball wives are supposed to despise, Jennifer Williams, who was in a messed up marriage with Eric Williams, Suzie Ketchum, some ex basketball player's ex-girlfriend, and Evelyn Lozoda, another basketball player's ex-girlfriend. 

So from the start the majority of these women were not basketball wives and many of them had never received a ring. They were somewhere in the same realm of Lebron James, but no one knew their names until the show. And it was messiness from the start.

Well, the messiness wasn't with Shaunie. Ms. O'Neal stayed as far away from the camera as she could during that first season. What we did know was that she despised Gloria for what Gloria's sister had done. Oh, and Gloria's story line was that she was the sister of the girl who allegedly ruined the perfect family the O'Neals once had. Plus Gloria was/and still is the baby mama/girlfriend of a crazy basketball player, Matt Barnes who wasn't really relevant until the show.

Then there was Royce. Royce's story line was being a dancer who didn't know her limits. Not only did Royce not know her limits when it came to dancing, but the women despised her for the way she dressed. They hated her clothes and hated the fact she was a dancer. Plus she was the easiest target for bullying. On top of it all Royce couldn't say anything about her child or baby daddy Dwight Howard because of a written agreement that involved lawsuits. Did I mentioned they bullied Royce? People think they treated Draya wrong on Basketball Wives Miami, but Royce was the original target. 

And then there were the bullies. These two were Suzie and Evelyn. Well, it wasn't really that Suzie was a bully. She just talked too fucking much. Seasons later her mouth would cause her camera time to be cut down. Some of the other women were mad and didn't want to film with her. So Suzie talked a lot. That was her story line. It was also why her and Evelyn became great friends.

Now Evelyn was the ultimate bully from the beginning. She teased Royce in front of her face and behind her back. She just didn't give a damn. And her actions never seemed to get better. It's possibly because Shaunie just smiled and patted her on the back. Then Evelyn also had her sidekick/best friend Jennifer supporting her rude behavior. 

In the beginning Jennifer had the biggest drama of them all. Her marriage was dead on and off camera and she was the weakest link. Jen let her husband treat her badly and let Evelyn boss her around. For several more seasons we would see Jen act like a little puppy until something no one will ever know happen. 

So it's been drama from the start. Since the beginning many wives that are actually married to basketball players have spoken out and let the public know this is not their lives. Some women long ago spoke up against all the non-sense on this show. However, did anyone listen? No. Instead of listening, producers brought in Tami Roman who went into competition with Evelyn to see who could be the biggest bully. The competition is tied at this point. 

Now in this fourth season lawsuits are flying around. However, these lawsuits aren't from real wives. Instead it's Jennifer Williams who has started up the lawsuits. She's suing because her feelings were hurt when an ex-friend slapped in her one of the episodes. On that same episode Evelyn Lozoda ran her old ass across a table because she wanted to be the biggest bully once again. 

Along with the lawsuit there is a campaign against bullying and Basketball Wives. Since the campaign started producers have decided to counter-sue Jen. Their reasoning is that she is ruining their brand. Apparently when you sign a contract to be on this reality show you have to refrain from any negative talk about the show. That sounds fair, but when bullying goes on for four seasons, does one cast members comments matter? When fighting is constantly seen, but positive stuff gets five seconds out of 50 shows back to back do we blame the cast member? 

It's obvious that the brand of Basketball Wives was tainted a long time ago. Maybe it was the first time Evelyn opened her mouth. It could have been when they ran Gloria off the show and to another state. Then again Tami maybe it was when someone handed Tami some liquor. There's way too much to actually pin point a beginning of the messiness. Do you think Jennifer Williams should take the blame for finally speaking out? 

On the other hand this is her paycheck. Maybe Jennifer should be getting sued. Although I still support her cause to stop bullying, we never play with our money. 

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