Friday, May 25, 2012

Khia Vs Pusha T: Who Put Out The Best Diss Track?

The older I get the more I realize a huge way of being successful is to knock someone else down. At least that's what it is like in the music industry, which brings me to my latest creative competition. This one is between Khia and Pusha T. 

Both Khia and Push T released diss tracks this week, but they were not dissing each other. Khia decided to attack YG for sampling her hit song "My Neck, My Back" and not putting her on the track. On the other hand Pusha T set out to diss Lil Wayne and some other niggas for reasons I'm still not sure. Yeah, I listened to the song and don't know what it was about. So who did better? 

Well, Pusha T sounded high throughout the song. Maybe that's why I don't understand it. I do know that he was going after the crazy contracts Young Money artists are signed too. That or something else in the song forced Lil Wayne to respond with anger. The fact that Lil Wayne responded is what makes this diss track important. 

Now Khia did something totally different. She was so angry that YG took her "My Neck, My Back" song that she dissed him on the same track. Wait, Khia didn't just diss YG. She remixed her own song. Now how many artists do you know, other than R. Kelly, that can take their own old song and make it relevant again? There aren't many. Plus at the end of the diss track Khia made sure to let us all know about her album coming out July 17th.
To me Khia had the best diss track this week. What do you think? 

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