Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Addiction, Are Women Really This Desperate?

In the world of reality television we get to see a lot of people in need of relationship advice. Most of these shows, such as Tough Love and Millionaire Matchmaker, is dedicated to helping people get into healthy long lasting relationships. However, recently I stumbled upon a show that does that total opposite. It's called Love Addiction.

Love Addiction is about people who terribly want to be head of heels in love. They want love so bad that they are willing to put up with the worst abuse, right before physical abuse, possible. It's so bad several people take time out of their own busy schedules to break up this person's relationship just because they care. The person behind the break-ups is relationship expert Hasani Pettiford. Really this isn't your typical reality love show.

Recently I watched this show just because a friend advertised it on twitter. Upon turning to it I was caught off guard. First the relationships were way too much for my tiny mind to process and secondly it was a marathon. I couldn't turn the channel.

The first episode involved a chauvinistic man who needed an intervention on his relationship issues. This man had cheated on his girlfriend, got someone else pregnant, and was practically living off her. Then he had the nerve to say she couldn't do better. In the end he came to the conclusion he was bad for her and broke up with her. Her dumb ass was upset too.

The second episode involved a woman who lowered her standards of men just because she was living in Atlanta. She fell for the myth that there aren't many men to date in that huge ass city. Because of her lack of self confidence her boyfriend dissed her when her father died and then she accepted him back into her life. After getting an intervention a relationship expert was able to instill some confidence in her.

Then there was the single mom dating the male gigolo. It took her a while to comprehend that he wasn't ready for her, but the relationship expert helped. Hell, she should have known all along. The last episode was about a man dating an older woman, but I don't have time for his pathetic story.

Are women really this messed up? I thought I had issues. I've studied men deeply in hopes of avoiding being hurt. I've agreed to friends w/ benefits, but then changed my mind for selfish reasons. There was a guy I once dated who really worked my nerves. I decided to wait til he ended the relationship in hopes of not coming off mean. I've also led men on by flirting, but had no intentions of doing anything with them. That's some bad stuff, right? I've played the safe road in hopes of getting to love quicker than hurt. Okay, my stories are nothing compared to these women.

How does your man cheat and get another woman pregnant and you stay with him? How? How does your man not comfort you when your father dies and you stay with him? How do you not talk to your man about where your child fits in and if you're really in a relationship? I'm confused. Why are women putting themselves through all this?

Then this show has to be invented to get these women out of these relationships. I'm through with television until tomorrow or later today maybe.

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