Thursday, May 17, 2012

He Bought The Bottles, He Had The Expensive Camera, And...

This is my Hawaii continuation. The first part was dedicated to my lovely luggage craziness. This part is all about the men. Did you know I'm boy crazy? Well if you didn't you're about to get a glimpse of my love for men. Okay, I'm going to start with my friends birthday party, work my way backward, and then go forward, and then backtrack again.

Did you know that men really buy bottles at the club? This is not about the basketball, football, or any other sports players. There were no multi-millionaires in this clique. At least I don't think anyone was that rich. Damn, I should have asked. Anyway, it is not a myth. Some men actually buy bottles in the club. I saw it for myself.

It all started Friday night around 10 pm. My friend and I rushed to the club to meet up with others she had invited to celebrate her turning 25. There was one particular handsome guy that we saw. He originally told her he would be extra late, but decided he would show up extra early. He was also the one that bought us a table and bought bottles for all the guests. Well, the bottles were for all her guests, but a random uninvited person could have grabbed a glass. It was a club after all. Back to the guy. Let's just call him the world's most eligible bachelor.

So the world's most eligible bachelor bought bottle after bottle after bottle. I lost count of how many he purchased. He also bought shots for all of us and he took very foggy pictures with his iPhone. I saw them on instagram later on. Wait, let me back up for a second.

Before he bought the bottles I first noticed that he showed up in a suit. Yes, the world's most eligible bachelor had on a suit. He looked so good I wanted to smell him just to see what cologne he had on, but that didn't happen. I did not want to appear creepy. So the world's most eligible bachelor was a sexy suit wearing man that bought bottles for his women friends. Can we say WOW?

Rewind to two days before. There were several men, but the one that stood out most was the man with the camera. Let's just call him Camera Man. Camera Man's camera had to be at least $2500. It was shiny, big, and fancy. It screamed "Hold me and take at least 500 pictures on me." Did I say that it was nice? Camera Man knew he was holding a prized possession too. He cradled that camera like a new born baby. That alone made Camera Man attractive. You can tell how a man is going to treat is woman by how he handles his camera.

Then fast forward to the last day and there was another man with a camera. I don't know what he was photographing so let's just call him Paparazzi. He was sitting under a tree by the beach with his camera turned on and it was aimed at an unknown target. It was even fancier than Camera Man's camera. This was one another expensive camera, Cannon to be exact, and costs $2400. I asked about the price. He was nice enough to reveal the price and talk more about cameras. I couldn't believe I had walked up to a stranger and he had responded so nicely. Maybe it is because his name is Paparazzi, at least for this post. Again, you can tell how a man will treat a woman by the way he treats his camera. 

Now go back to the birthday party. At that birthday bash I met Shy Guy. That is what we'll call him for this post. Shy Guy was clearly special because although he had this quiet layer to him, he showed up. Showing up was enough to eventually try and make him my guy. Oh wait, what I meant was if a shy man shows up to an event to see you knowing it will be a lot of others around, you have the potential to make him your man. Yeah, you can make him your man.

There were more men, but these men really stood out. Hopefully this was not the last time I experienced men like them. Stay tuned because I'm not finished with Hawaii yet.

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