Friday, May 4, 2012

Hunger Addiction (Free Write Story)

Upon opening her eyes she realized she was hungry. But not for cereal, eggs, or pancakes. Nor did she wants donuts, bagels, or any kind of fast eating pastries. Lunch or dinner wouldn't cut it either. Her stomach growled loud and clear, but she knew food wasn't the answer. Nah, she wanted and needed something more.

Upon looking in the mirror she wanted to ignore the reflection that stared back at her. There was supposed to be a pretty skinny, but at the same time thick chick. That chick was supposed to be the picture of style and grace with a bit of a ho-ish taste. Instead there was a boring girl who lacked enthusiasm for the world. There was an anorexic chick who looked sick and was craving bits and pieces of something different. But standing still looking in that mirror judging her pitiful life wasn't doing shit. This Bitch needed to move.

Upon opening the door that girl stepped into the world to explore. But she brought all that baggage that had followed her from before. People telling her she wasn't good enough, she wasn't hood enough, pretty wasn't in her name, and ugly girls were more sane. Someone once told her she didn't work hard enough, wasn't prepared yet, couldn't manage on her own, she needed someone to forever lean on. So she brought those thoughts and turned all the negative energy into anger. All those people that had doubted her before was about to see that she was a mothafuckin lady. 

And it all started somewhere in J.C. Penny's where she could quickly grab some jeans, but then the adventure lead her to Macy's to the MAC counter, a make-up lover's best friend. Those were a start, but the real adventure was found in Body Shop, Bui Yah Kah, and Wet Seal, where the clothes hugged all the right spots. But then to look pretty underneath the shiny clothes Victoria's Secret became her friend. But she had to top it all off and smell good so Bath and Body Works always invited her in. Now shoes were important too, but she tried to take it slow when buying them. 

So after hopping in that car and using that money for all the nice clothes she found herself attracting all the male hoes. The men asked for her number, called, text, emailed, and wanted to write her checks. Along with confidence she gained sponsors and received positive feedback. 

But when it was time to go back home, be alone, take some time out to rest, her soul wouldn't let her back into the nest. The nice clothes, riding around in her car, having men holler , she was hungry. Her body, mind, and soul, craved more. Cereal, eggs, and pancakes wouldn't cut it. Donuts, bagels, and other pastries had become regular boring food. But the life outside that door she discovered was worth craving and tomorrow she'd do it all over again.

So this is more of a poem than a story. 

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