Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tami Roman And Meagan Good Defend Themselves, But Why?

This week Tami Roman and Meagan Good have decided to heavily defend themselves in the media.Tami did it by recently going on The Wendy Williams show to discuss her Basketball Wives messiness and new direction.

If you've missed this season of Basketball Wives it's involved the bullying of Jennifer Williams and new cast member Kesha. Jennifer has been attacked by Evelyn and Kesha has been the target of Tami.

The craziness all started when Tami said some offensive stuff to Kesha. When Kesha spoke on it Tami became even more pissed off. This is because (as you even noticed on Wendy Williams show) Tami doesn't know how to take responsibility for her words or actions. Tami's anger led to the stealing of Kesha's purse and the pushing of Kesha into a corner while she cried her eyes out. All we saw were Kesha's tears and Tami's yelling. Tami claims there's some behind the scenes stuff coming from Kesha, but if it involved punches and words as mean as Tami threw we would have seen it broadcast on air.
Anyway, Tami went on to explain herself and talk about her new direction. Apparently she thinks she can just turn her hood rat behavior off. But why tell us? We watched the show and read her earlier comments. She was not sorry then and continues to place some of the blame on others. If that's her attitude, why doesn't she just get quiet?

Then there is Meagan Good. Her actions this week were not as bad. All she did was have a little fun and do a little burlesque for her bachelorette party. It did not involve any stripping of clothes. However, it happened and the internet bullies attacked her. I saw the video and realized Ms. Good was just having fun. Why did she have to explain this?

I admit that we have to defend our actions sometimes, but why does it have to be done every time? Tami called a girl a Bitch several times, stole her purse, and yelled in her face until she cried and left from a vacation. It's what she did, so why stand up and defend those actions? Meagan Good was enjoying her party, so why does she have to let people know that?

Maybe we just care too much about lives we should not be involved in.

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