Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who Is Nya Lee? + LHHNY Reviews

If you watched Love and Hip Hop New York this week there were a couple fresh faces. All of these new faces are talented rappers, but only one of them is trying to prove herself as the baddest female rapper currently in NYC. Her name is Nya Lee and her attitude is nothing to mess with. 

Who is Nya Lee? Well she's a former stripper, video vixen, and dancer. Some people actually refer to Nya as America's most bootilicious video vixen. However, that is not why she is showing up on LHHNY. Instead, Nya is showing her musical talent. At 22 years old she is trying to show the world that she can write lyrics and take over the mic. Check out her new song "ETP (Eat This Pussy" below and let me know what you think.

Plus I'm doing reviews on LHHNY. So far I have Amina Buddafly Can Sing + Reality Show Reviews, Love and Hip Hop Is Back With New Relationship Issues And Actual Talent, and the latest one LHHNY Review: Seven Reasons Why Being Single Is A Better Option will be published soon on www.icanrepeatit.com. I'll update it when it's posted.

Update: Here's the new post LHHNY: Seven Reasons Why Being Single Is A Better Option

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