Monday, November 25, 2013

R. Kelly & Lady Gaga Act Out A Scandal At the AMA's

Just in case R. Kelly and Lady Gaga's Saturday Night Live Performance of "Do What You Want" was not enough for you, they decided to perform it again last night at the American Music Awards. Oh, but this time was much better. No one was doing the robot and there was no dry humping. However, there was a scandal going on.

The performance starts off with Lady Gaga answering phone calls for the president. Rumor is she was channeling Marilyn Monroe. That rumor comes from the fact that this past weekend was the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. However, they could have also been copying the popular show "Scandal." As Lady Gaga answers the phone, the president appears on the other end and they sing to each other. From there lots of singing and dancing ensues. It's supposed to be an affair, but somehow pictures get leaked to Instagram. President Robert Kelly isn't feeling it, so he then denies ever being with Lady Gaga. He then storms off and Gaga sings "do what you want with my body" through the pain.

Those two can really put on a show. Watch below.

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