Sunday, November 3, 2013

27Th Birthday In Photos (Sunday Reflections)

Getting Ready For Club NVY 
I've always imagined these big fancy ways of celebrating turning a year older. Although my big dreams haven't come true, I've been learning how to make each year a little better than the last.

 It's tough, but sometimes it actually works out. Turning 27 was an example of a special moment coming to fruition. I spent a lot of money, may be struggling a little bit more in the future, but it's all worth it. Check out some photos taken throughout the week. I'll do my best to explain each photo.

Of course I make 27 look real young.

This past week Fall finally came to Houston. Last year I put away these red boots, but the weather is finally allowing me to wear them again. As for the shirt, the goal was to buy underwear but this also caught my attention.

These panties are probably for Victoria's Secret Christmas line, but I bought them as a present for my birthday. It's been a while since anyone else bought me anything. Is it because I'm an adult? Do they think I don't deserve anything anymore? Do you all think I'm naughty? Well, the naughty deserve presents too. 

There was no one around to capture my glorious birthday dress, so I had to do it myself. Everyone loves a selfie anyway. 

The birthday spot was at MiMi's Cafe. The only thing that I could understand on the menu was the dessert. It looks better in the picture than it tasted. 

Call me an alcoholic. I've drunk a lot in the past week, but even more I was determined to get brunch. Cheddars has chicken and waffles on the menu. The waffle is better than the chicken strips. 

My grandma said she was sending some bras my way a few weeks ago. I tried them on and decided they are better off as shirts. More than likely they won't be worn out much since the temperature is dropping outside. 

 I've been alone a whole lot throughout the year. Sometimes a girl needs to party and doing it by herself is not an option. I finally reached out and invited a few people to hang out.

And finally the bonus picture is of me trying to attempt one of those ratchet showing what I have from the back poses. I have a little curve. That is not to be argued with. The rest of the photos are property of my Facebook page. It was actually a very needed relaxing week. Hopefully my stress levels don't start to shoot back up.

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