Friday, November 29, 2013

Traci Braxton Gives Off Red Hair Envy #BraxtonFamilyValues

Via Twitter
In the latest episode of Braxton Family Values all of the women were beautiful, but one stood out more than the others. That's Traci Braxton. Not only was she happy, but she was rocking the Hell out of some red hair.

Of all colors that hair can be dyed and wigs can be made in, red is my absolute favorite. Everyone can't pull this color off, but Traci shined. She was happy. She showed off her brand new radio show. Her sisters were there to support her. Plus, her hair looked great. One day I shall copy the red hair look.

Remember how a few seasons back Traci wanted to be a hairstylist? She took a class at a very expensive school and tried to get money from Tamar to open up a shop. However, Tamar was against Traci having a salon in Maryland. Maybe soon Traci should go back to trying to do hair. Hers is looking amazing.

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