Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Limit Poem (Some Collaborative Fun)

This is a collaborative poem done by myself, Courtney Henderson, and Tavares Kennedy (in that order). 

No limit
That was the plan
We’d take the time
To explore each other’s mind...
Swim in each other’s memories
Dig deep into each other’s secrets
Until we found ourselves weeping
Trying to take away the other’s pain
Wrap ourselves in each other’s arms
Until we forgot each other’s names
Replaced with…
My man was my favorite
But the plan was interrupted
We forgot more than each other's names
we forgot ourselves
got caught up
wrapped up
in the identity of being the other persons significant other
not boyfriend
or girlfriend
because he was already a man
and i already a woman
but as we jumped off the deep end
ready to swim in each others memories
we forgot the most important part
to bring a piece of ourselves to each others water
I in his
He in mine
Two people each in love with the idea of the other
but not quite fully realizing the idea of an US
but this was towards the end
farther down the road

At first it was amazin.I could enter her and leave myself.Exiting the world where my probs existed.High off her I was gettin lifted.Layin wit her felt so good,We jus got lost n a lie.I knew what I wanted,To me it was alright to give nonsense a try.Partyn with the Devil,"If u drinkin, ill buy," he saysSo I went forward.And we both fell for it.When I was with her I really felt alive.For me to feel alive meant the truth had died.