Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: Do Not Give It To Him Every Day

A while ago I watched Tyler Perry plays like they were the bible. There was one play called "Diary of A Mad Black Woman." In the play one woman had just gotten divorced. Days after the divorce was official she found out her sister was in a relationship with her ex-husband. She was very pissed, but she couldn't help but reminisce on some of the times she spent with him. There was one specific scene where she talked to Madea about sex with him. She told Madea during the first year she was married she had sex with him every day. Madea then told her that was her biggest mistake. According to Madea you should never over do it when it comes to sex  or he gets tired of you real fast. 
This post was also inspired by something I saw on twitter. There are some girls out there that believe they will keep their men happy if they give him sex all the time. This mentality probably got started when sex addict became a psychological problem. Sex addicts definitely love sex, but they don't care who they are getting it from. So it is definitely not true to think that you should have sex with your man all the time. A man will get tired quickly if you are throwing your pussy at him every single day. By the end of the month (or even week) he'll be ready for new pussy, so calm it down.

Don't throw your pussy at him all the time. Make him wait a little, so the freaky occasions will actually be   special. On the other hand, if you don't believe me have sex with him as often as you think he wants it and see what happens.

This post was brought to you by a single girl's thoughts.

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