Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sexy Advice: Something A Blogger Should Never Do

A couple of months ago I started following this blog called The blog was great for music content. Every day Toya updated her audience on the latest song from celebrities and underground artists. If she didn't like the artist she would express her opinion to the fullest. An example is her posts on Ciara and Keri Hilson. We all know how she feels on those two and it's not pretty. However....

A couple of weeks ago Toya stopped blogging. She told her audience she was taking a break to handle some personal matters. No one knew what those personal matters were at the time and we respected her for letting us know she'd be taking a break. At least some people respected her. Not everyone had respect though.

A couple days ago came back up. Originally I thought Toya was back from her break, but when I saw an advertisement looking for new writers on the blog I knew it was not her. It is some other girl, whose name I don't care to mention. This other girl started off with good music posts. Well, some of the posts were current enough for her to post, but she did anyway. However, after a couple of music post her hatred for Toya started to show.

First she used journalistic ethics. She posted up how readers felt about Toya. Apparently although they kept coming to her website, they never liked her. Then she went even further and exposed Toya's problems. Toya stole some money and now she's having legal troubles. She could also be facing prison time, but that's not important.

This girl who took over Toya's website started to slander her name. She called Toya mean, dumb, and a couple other choice words. She even laughed at Toya, but the confusing part about all of this is she's writing on Toya's blog. She's using Toya's name to get her name out in public. She's disrespecting the person who gave her the position she has. This is something a blogger should never do.

First of all, it's wrong to slander anyone's name no matter how you feel about them. Then it's wrong to slander the hand that feeds you. Toya gave her that position. Why would she turn around a be so malicious? Finally, it's absolutely an unwritten code of ethics rule that you never talk bad about another blogger. You might need that person one day. As a writer you don't talk bad about the blog, newspaper, or television station you work for or want to work for. At least you don't do it in public.

Just imagine what would happen if Toya came back. That girl would get dissed to an extent that she would want to kill herself and then we would forget that she exists.

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