Thursday, March 10, 2011

Relationship 101: This Is Not A Disney Movie and He's Not Prince Charming

Today as I hopped in the car a whole month flashed before my eyes. Every single memory crossed my mind. It's been a nice month. At the same time Nicole Hardesty was writing a blog post on about how we are not Disney princesses and they are not our prince charming. My point in mentioning her post is going to come later.

I discovered my fear of commitment wasn't as big as it originally seemed. Maybe the fear was only there because I wasn't committed to anyone. Well, the fear could have been there because people in relationships always tell single people to stay single.

I discovered that I could actually handle being in a relationship. There hasn't been one moment where I've felt tempted to cheat or even playfully flirt with another guy. Maybe flirting is cheating.

There was a moment where I realized how much I liked him and it scared me. This past month taught me that there was a man out there worth falling for. I fell for his charm, also called swag. I fell for his honesty. He said some stuff that most men would take to their graves. I fell for his smile. He deserves to be happy. I fell for the way he laughs. Maybe this came from seeing him so much. I fell for the way he looks in my eyes. I couldn't just see the look. I could feel it. It was love.

I also fell for his weaknesses. He's not perfect. He even told me he didn't think of himself as perfect. After all he is human and I'm human too. I respect his mistakes. That is one reason why I didn't get mad when he told me he didn't want that committed relationship with me anymore.

Yeah, he said it but it didn't come out mean. He spilled his heart out to me. My friends call what he said "game," but at least he said it. He told me a bunch of stuff that I would rather not reveal on here. However, the point of it all was he couldn't handle being in a relationship. He handled it for a month, but the realization caught up to him. He was living in a Disney movie for a couple of weeks, but when he woke up he realized he was still young.

He doesn't want to feel trapped in a relationship with so many vaginas walking around. Temptation is a bitch. This journalism student I know said college men can't focus on one woman because of all the other vaginas surrounding them. He also wants to have as much fun as possible and get every inch of his life together. That's the biggest excuse they all use. Even more he still wants me to be around. He wants to be selfish with his cake, but still be able to take a bite of mine. He may not even see his actions this way, but I can still respect him because he's not prince charming and this isn't a Disney movie.

In a Disney movie there's no such thing as temptation. The princess, or soon-to-be princess has her eyes set for only that one prince charming. She's also never had her heart broken or abused. Prince charming doesn't have to convince her that a good man exists.

In a Disney movie Prince Charming only has eyes for his princess. When they are dancing at the ball (Cinderella)  no one else exists. When they say happily ever after they mean happily ever after.

In a Disney movie they put their significant other before everything else (Little Mermaid). They give up their lives for the unknown. In reality we are not giving up everything. We're looking if we give up a part of our lifestyle for love.

This is not a Disney movie and he's not prince charming. He's not a cartoon character that I looked up to when I was a child. He's a real man with real emotions. However, there is one thing that he does have that a Disney movie also has. Nicole Hardesty forgot to mention this one. Prince Charming always tells the truth and so does he. He hasn't given me any reason to to not believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

This is not a Disney movie and he's not Prince Charming, but that doesn't mean we have to ignore everything Disney movies tell us.

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