Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There's A Poem Lingering Inside of Me

There's A Poem Lingering Inside of Me
written 3/9/2011

There's a poem lingering inside of me
Sometime between my dreams and now it wrote itself out
It used my vivid imagination to express its thoughts
Thoughts of me and it together
Whether on a pen and pad
Or typing it out effortlessly on a computer
It wanted me to want it
It wanted me to suffocate it until it became a part of me
It tried to get into my mind
It claimed it was the truth
All of my dreams and goals combined
All of the memories, tears, smiles, happy moments made into one
It claimed it was just like me
Weak and filled with emotion
Looking for a way to let it's feelings out
The poem
It was hardcore
It kept knocking at my brain's door
Telling me to let  it escape
But the realization is it would come with pain
Pain that I couldn't handle alone
It would come with insecurities
Insecurities that I had let build up for so long
Expressing some of it might put a smile on my face
But I'm not sure if the happiness is worth it
So a poem lingers inside of me
Cries out to me
Tells me to let it be free
Every time I close my eyes I see it
It entices me with a beautiful picture
Every time I open my eyes I can hear it
But yet I still ignore it

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