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Miss Sexual Intellectual: The Underwear Obsession

The Underwear Obsession
Knowing Which Bras and Panties To Slide On Your Beautiful Skin
I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with buying underwear. I love buying all types. The more options of panties I have in my drawer, the sexier I start to feel down below. The more bras I have in my possession, the more confidence I have in walking out the house with just a bra on (that would never happen though).

This obsession developed back when I was a child. My mom would always take me to the store and then buy lots of underwear for herself. She would buy me some every now and then, but it wasn't the cute kind. It was the kind designed just for wearing. So, when I got the opportunity to start purchasing my own underwear I got carried away. I still go crazy when I'm around a bunch of cute bras and panties. I lose my mind when they are on sale. But as much underwear as I have, I still suck as picking out what types of underwear should go under clothing. That's why I patiently read this article called "Understanding Your Garments" on

The article broke down different types of underwear and how they should fit your body using six different steps. They arranged from the showing of bra straps to how thong underwear should be worn. Below is my brief analysis on what they talked about.

#1 Bra Straps Should Never Be Seen
According to Toya Sheree, the author of this blog post, bra straps can kill the sex appeal of any outfit. However, I've tried strapless bras and they are always uncomfortable. Since I'm young and my breasts are still fairly perky, I do go without a bra from time to time.

#2 Going Without Panties Isn't Always The Best Idea
According to Ms. Sheree our vaginal areas are very sensitive. They are so sensitive that we tend to leak juices . There's nothing wrong with us when this happens, but in case it does wearing panties always helps. After all no one wants to see a mysterious stain on your dress (eww). I've never went commando before and reading this reminded me why.

#3 The Thong Can Be Wrong
Ms. Sheree broke down how wearing thongs can be very wrong. For one, it can look baggy on a girl with no behind. For girls with too much behind it can ride up and be uncomfortable. For girls with low waisted jeans on it can make the girl look like a confused teenager. However, in dresses and boy shorts thongs can be the perfect accessory. One time I went a little crazy and bought a bunch of thongs. Crazy thing is I don't wear dresses that often.

#4 Granny Panties Should Only Be Meant For One Time of The Month
I used to love granny panties, but I'm not sure why. They were comfortable, but they offered no sex appeal whatsoever. Maybe it was just because I was used to wearing them. However, Ms. Sheree says don't wear them. You are only as sexy as the underwear on you. I agree with her on that. It's probably why I have a lot more thongs and low fitting panties, but barely any granny panties in my collection now.

#5 The Wrong Sized Bra Will Make You Feel Like "Blahh"
According to Ms. Sheree women don't grow into their full cup size until after they have their first child. That's something I did not know. This means your breasts goes through changes and you may just be wearing the wrong sized bra. I haven't had any kids yet, but I do go through bra troubles. I fluctuate between two sizes. One size sometimes makes me feel like my blood circulation is being cut off. The other size can sometimes be too big for me, depending on the designer.

#6 Make Sure Your Underwear Goes With Your Tights
This is a tip for all the people who love to wear leggings. Make sure to have the proper underwear under the leggings. I don't worry about this one, because leggings are not my style.

This was just my summary. For the full article that Toya Sheree wrote go to

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