Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sexy Advice: Women That You Don't Want To Be

‎"There is absolutely nothing the same as it was ten years ago"-- Jennifer Hudson

Nothing is the same. Women have changed because of experiences. Men don't look at women the same because of experience. However, one thing that all of us women can relate to is our need to find the perfect mate. We don't approach dating and relationships the same way as our parents, but there are some ways we need to not be. I compiled a list of the types of women we should not turn into. Check them out below.

Gold Digger:
What many people don't realize is gold digging is a job description. First of all you have to already have money coming from someone to even do the job. Then you have to be top notch. This  means wearing Louis Vuitton heels, getting only designer clothes, and always having your hair and make-up on point. The biggest part is you have to learn how not to focus on yourself. The goal is to get a rich man. Then you have to know where to meet rich men. Then if you're a black woman that wants to marry a black man your chance of meeting that rich black man is ten times harder than other women. It's a full time position that can be very tiring. You might as well get a job and  make your own money.

The Independent Woman:
As the independent woman you handle everything on your own. The only thing you need a man for is sex. That's why men like Neyo would like you. You're not needy, so they have to do very little to please you. However, men don't want an independent woman. They want a woman that will challenge them.

The Lonely Girl:
The lonely girl is lonely. She has it written all over her face. She's so lonely she bleeds of desperation. She sadly eats at restaurants by herself. She goes to the club and waits by the bar for a man. She constantly talks about the day she will find her prince charming. She has her whole wedding and kids names planned out, but no man to go along with those plans. She's pathetic.

The Scorned Woman:
The scorned woman is not  as scorned as everyone thinks she is. She's a lost soul waiting for a man to guide her in the right direction again. However, to the outside world she comes off as a bitch. She talks about all the evil things men have done to her and forces others to listen. She's a feminist at her best and men are afraid of that.

What other types of women do you think we should avoid being labeled as?

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