Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Antony Is Innocent, The Defense Attorney Should Be Celebrating

Casey Anthony is innocent of all charges involving the killing of her daughter. Well, according to the 12 jurors who sat in the court room, looked over the evidence, lack of evidence, and studied the case from Day 1 to the day she finally became a suspect, Casey Anthony is innocent.  However everyone, their mother, their dad, grandparents, great grandparents, unborn children, and God is discussing the case with mixed emotions. Some of the conversations are going something like this:

"How could a woman so guilty be innocent? What was wrong with the jurors? What kind of life does she think she's going to have now? Why is the defense attorney celebrating his win? Will she look for love again? Will she get pregnant again? Who  would love her now? What's going to happen when she has another child? Why is her defense attorney so happy? Why is he popping bottles of wine? Why would he be happy?"

There are many reasons why Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's attorney, would be celebrating. Continue reading to find out why Jose Baez is one of the best attorney's in 2011.

  • No One Believed In The Defense Attorney

One is no one ever thought he would win. Anthony was deemed guilty by 88% of the population the day Haley's adorable baby picture hit national news. She waited 30 days before she reported her child missing. During those 30 days she partied uncontrollably because she was free of all responsibility. I'm not saying it's right, but it's the truth. After the case became national news so many things were said. Examples are the smell of death in the car, Casey's lack of emotions throughout the search for her daughter, and Casey's love for men. Apparently men can make you do some crazy shit, even kill your child. So with all that said, Jose Baez never expected to win.

  • The Defense Attorney Didn't Believe In Himself

Another is Jose Baez never expected to win. Too many people were not on his side when this trial first started. Have you ever been teased for some reason? Maybe it was because you were a nerd at a certain age. When people tease you there's no one around to have your back. You have to take the teasing, learn to cry alone, and eventually learn how to defend yourself. If you were never teased maybe you got fired or saw someone lose their job. When a person gets fired, everyone whispers. No one stands up and talks about the hard work they've put in. That person is on their own. That's the situation Jose Baez was in. He was defending someone who had already been convicted of the crime by the public. He never expected to win, but did. I think that's cause for popping bottles in the window of a store.

  • The Case Wasn't About The Precious Dead Child

The biggest reason is the case was never about Caylee. It was about keeping Casey out of prison and that happened. Because of Jose Baez Casey will not be seeing the inside of a jail cell tonight. Instead she will sleep comfortable in a bed inside of her parent's home. While Haley's death is will forever be sad, no one can bring her back. However, someone had to defend Casey and someone had to win the case.

According to the jury Casey is innocent. Who knows why they chose that verdict? They may have been tired of listening to the case, they may have flipped a coin, or they may genuinely believe there wasn't enough evidence to convict Casey. However, no one should be mad at Jose Baez. Instead we should be amazed at him. He won a case that was impossible to win.

Do you agree with me? Forget about Haley and Casey for a second. How do you feel about Jose Baez as an attorney and how do you feel about his way of celebrating his impossible win? Would you have acted the same way?

(P.S. I was watching Nancy Grace display her frustration with Jose Baez, but I truly believe she would have acted the same way if the was the defense attorney.)

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